About the Artist

Anne was born in 1974, in the East German town of Wittenberg-Lutherstadt. With her father being an officer in the army, she grew up in a rather bleak and restricted communist environment. As a form of escapism, she spent most of her time daydreaming, imagining a world of fairies and magic where everything is possible.

In 1996 she went to Shanghai for her studies of Journalism at Fudan University. Her favorite past time was strolling along the antique markets and buying Chinese porcelain, jade objects, and traditional Chinese scroll paintings.
After graduating in 2000, she moved to Hong Kong, where she worked as a freelance Project Coordinator and Arts Consultant for the British Council, Goethe-Institut, The Hong Kong Design Centre, The Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Ballet. Her most recent job was Business Development Manager and Director for the Austrian luxury jeweler FREYWILLE for whom she also worked in Singapore from 2012 until 2017.
Following her passion for the arts, Anne went to Italy in 2004 in order to study Fashion –and Costume Design at the renowned Accademia di Moda e di Costume in Rome. In 2010 she continued her studies in Children Book Illustration and Oil Painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Macerata (Italy).
As a child, Anne wanted to be a magician. But since magic powers were too unpredictable, she wanted to become something close to being a magician –an artist. The canvas is a magic tool that gives endless possibilities and where imagination has no limits. But destiny had different plans for her and she became a manager, working for corporate companies.
Anne is currently living and working in Hong Kong. Only this year in March she gave up her corporate job and is now dedicating all her time to painting.


Group Exhibitions:

2012 Graduation show of the Master Ars in Favola, Macerata, Italy

2018 Asia Contemporary Art Show, represented by NIDO Asia in Hong Kong

2019 Anima Mundi Arts Festival, CONSCIOUSNESS, Venice Biennale,

represented by Itsliquid Group, Italy

2019 Anima Mundi Arts Festival, VISIONS, Venice Biennale,

represented by Itsliquid Group, Italy

2019 LONDON CONTEMPORARY International Art Fair,

represented by Itsliquid Group, UK


Solo Exhibition:

2018 Edited Reality, NIDO Asia in Hong Kong