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Artist Statement

My pop surrealist figurative painting focuses on fantasy worlds and imaginary creatures. My background in fashion & costume design and children book illustration, combined with my love for the old masters, fairy tales, and Asian tradition result in creating a blend of classic storytelling, fashion magazine advertising, and surrealism. My goal is to provoke the viewer to see beyond our conventional perception of reality.


My art is an exploration of my inner world. I create things that I wish would exist. I also want to tell a story to entertain the viewer, just like everyone loves a good story.


Artist Bio

Anne grew up in former East Germany. She studied Journalism and PR in Shanghai and Children Book Illustration and Oil Painting in Italy. For most of her career, she worked in arts management and luxury retail in Hong Kong and Singapore, where she is currently residing.


In 2017, Anne had the opportunity to quit her corporate job to finally realize her long-desired dream of becoming

an artist.


For Anne, the bizarre beauty and dreamy world of Pop Surrealism provide the perfect outlet to give shape to her imaginary world. That’s why she adopted this genre for her artwork. Anne paints in oil on canvas, using the traditional technique of the old masters that she acquired during her studies in Italy. Recently she is producing digital artwork.


Among others, Anne’s artwork has been exhibited at the ANIMA MUNDI Festival during the Biennale in Venice,

the London Contemporary International Art Fair, the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, and during

the Le French May Festival in Hong Kong.

Group Exhibitions:

2012   Graduation show of the Master Ars in Favola, Macerata, Italy

2018   Asia Contemporary Art Show, represented by NIDO Asia in Hong Kong

2019   Anima Mundi Arts Festival, CONSCIOUSNESS, Venice Biennale, represented by Itsliquid Group, Italy

2019   Anima Mundi Arts Festival, VISIONS, Venice Biennale, represented by Itsliquid Group, Italy

2019   LONDON CONTEMPORARY International Art Fair, represented by Itsliquid Group, UK

2020   Albe Art Gallery OPEN MINDED online group exhibition

2021   Galerie Sonia Monti, Art Contemporain, Paris


Solo Exhibitions:

2018   Edited Reality, NIDO Asia in Hong Kong

2020   Variation en Miroir, part of the Le French May arts festival at The Hive Spring, Hong Kong

2020   Marvelous Art Gallery online exhibition



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