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Anne-Kristin Vaudour and chaussette b. Variation en Miroir


A project of Le French May


Exhibition period: 14 May - 14 June 2020

Venue: The Hive Spring, Wong Chuk Hang

Opening Reception: 14 May 2020
Time: 7pm


About the Exhibition

This exhibition is showcasing a series of portraits by Hong Kong based artists Anne-Kristin Vaudour and chaussette b.

Using an ID photo of each other, the pop surrealist German artist and the French paintographer are showcasing their own interpretations of five predefined themes, ranging from Memories of a Geisha, Long Live the Queen, Spirit of the Beast, Big Eyes through Once Upon a Time. Each image tells a different story that let’s you dive into a fantasy world.

The exhibition encourages the viewer to explore the limitless possibilities of portrait variation and invites the audience to think about what could be their own interpretation of each universe.
Anne is using digital illustration and chaussette b. uses paintography.


Official website Le French May: miroir/ 

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